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Oncology Antibodies

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SunRock is a biotech company devoted to the development of antibodies against highly invasive tumors with an urgent clinical need in oncology.

Biologicals for Cancer Therapy under Open Innovation

SunRock transforms academic knowledge into real immunotherapy solutions. Relying on a wide network of expert collaborators, SunRock leads the development of innovative therapeutic solutions for complex currently untreatable pathologies

SRB Strategy

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icono Program CCR9

Program CCR9

Chemokine Receptor 9, CCR9, is associated to tumor chemoresistance and increased metastatic potential in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL), overexpressing in T-Helper CD4+ cells. CCR9 ligand, CCL25, enhances leukemic T-cell proliferation.

Sunrock has developed a first-in-class anti-CCR9 antibody showing an ADCC and CDC-driven antitumor activity, both in vitro and in vivo, with improved affinity to a new and exclusive human CCR9 epitope.

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icono Program HER3

Program HER3

Human Epidermal Growth factor Receptors (EGFR) have been proven to be of the utmost importance in oncogenesis, cancer progression and apparition of treatment resistance.

HER3 is a well-known therapeutic target, associated with cancer progression, lower survival rates, and acquired resistance to HER2 and EGFR-targeted drugs.

SunRock is developing bispecific and bifunctional antibodies targeting HER3 upon a novel IgG1 anti-HER3 with improved affinity and a binding site that keeps HER3 in a locked conformation, interferes with HER3 binding to HER2/EGFR and prevents dimerization.

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