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Oncology Antibodies

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SunRock is a biotech company devoted to the development of antibodies against highly invasive tumors with an urgent clinical need in oncology.

Biologicals for Cancer Therapy under Open Innovation

SunRock transforms academic knowledge into real immunotherapy solutions. Relying on a wide network of expert collaborators, SunRock leads the development of innovative therapeutic solutions for complex currently untreatable pathologies

SRB Strategy

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icono Program CCR9

CCR9 Program

Chemokine receptor 9, CCR9, is overexpressed in solid and hematologic tumors. CCR9 promotes metastatis and the development of resistance to conventional treatments in these tumors.

SunRock has developed a novel anti-CCR9 antibody with improved target affinity and immune-mediated anti-tumor activity. Its efficacy and safety have been demonstrated in preclinical in vitro and in vivo models of relevance to the pharmaceutical industry.

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icono Program HER3

HER3 Program

Epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR) play a key role in the development and regulation of different tumor types, as well as in the development of resistance to conventional treatments.

HER3 is a validated therapeutic target associated with tumor progression and, consequently, with reduced survival and the development of resistance to drugs directed against HER2 and EGFR.

SunRock has developed an anti-HER3 molecule with improved affinity and a novel mechanism of action that combats the development of resistance and improves the anti-tumor efficacy of other anti-HER3 competitors.

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