The company’s experience and trajectory in the development of cancer treatments have made SunRock worthy of this recognition.

The Business Technology Cluster of the Life Sciences in Galicia (Bioga), with the support of the Government of Galicia, awarded its X Bioga Awards in 2022, among which are SunRock Biopharma as a Competitive BioCompany; CanTher as a BioBusiness Idea; BFlow as a Young BioCompany; and Granja Campomayor as an Innovative BioCompany.

The company SunRock Biopharma, based in Santiago de Compostela and dedicated to the development of antibodies for the treatment of tumors with urgent needs for cancer therapies, was the winner in the Competitive BioCompany category. The biotechnology company had already been awarded the Innovative BioCompany Award in the 2019 edition. This is the first time that a company has received two Bioga awards in different categories. The reasons for awarding the prize were “the experience and trajectory of the company’s human team; the development of multiple cancer treatments through open innovation processes, and the achievement of a license agreement for one of its molecules with a pharmaceutical multinational.”